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Can-Am Renegade 1000 -2012 : Protections soon available !

08 juil 2012Créée dans Utility

Every Can-Am Renegade 1000 owner is searching for the best protection for his machine. AXP Racing past a lot of time to make an innovative development which allows to propose you even more accomplished products in Aluminium 6mm of thickness or PHD 10mm of thickness. Front and rear aarm plate using Aluminium 6mm of thickness to make sure the protection behind the aarm plate and PHD 6mm of thickness to make sure the bellows of accordion joint protections. Thanks to the use of PHD and its elasticity, there are no risks to get the protection blocked which stay at the contact of the bellows and cut it. The rear protection had the same conception than front and rear aarm plate except the aluminium 6mm of thickness which was replaced by stainless steel 4mm of thickness in order to get a best rigidity considering the overhang mounting.

All these protections will be soon available, In the meantime, go to see photos and information on our website or facebook page : Facebook AXP Racing :

AX1215 : Aluminium front aarm plate. Price : 149€

AX1216 : Aluminium rear aarm plate. Price : 149€

AX1217 : Aluminium rear protection. Price : 119€

AX1218 : PHD full frame skidplate. Price : 159€

AX1219 : PHD  Foot well skidplate . Price : 149€

AX1220 : ALU full frame skidplate. Price : 189€

AX1221 : Aluminium Foot well skidplate. Price : 189€ 


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