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New BAXPER for ATV by AXP Racing !

For our ATV  friends rider ! You are permanently in search of a novelty to protect and embellish your ATV ? AXP racing innovates again and again! "BAXPER"! Hold this term because it’s the name of the new product made by AXP Racing! It’s the end of the aluminium Bumpers that everybody already has, places to the BAXPER in PHD! Black for the sobriety OR equipped with a decoration kit following the color of your ATV, brief get your own BAXPER and make the difference with the best design! The BAXPER performs totally its function of protection and will bring to your ATV a look of hell! We present you the various models in pictures but you can also find it on the ATV of Adrian Mangieu (Can-am DS 450), Florian Mangeot (Suzuki LTR 450) or still Jérémy Warnia (Can-am DS 450) at the French ATV championship! Find more photos on the FACEBOOK of AXP Racing! ATTENTION: the term and produce BAXPER are patented! Any copy is forbidden!


New BAXPER by AXP Racing

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